THE English mustaches fashion

Whiskers in this style are generally small, thin and narrow(English mustaches fashion), as if drawn with an English. In fact, they follow the line of the upper lip without touching it. These whiskers should also not touch the nose. They should be centere so that the two regions on each side of the whisk are symmetrical. This mustache style can have several variations. For example, instead of being in a single straight line, the mustache may have a small hole in the nasolabial fold (small domes in the middle of the upper lip). Otherwise, the angle of the mustache can also be changed. Of course, English-style whiskers need daily maintenance with whisker scissors.


Since it is impossible for us to give you the exact date of the construction of the pyramids, it is difficult to tell you when men began to draw inspiration from them for their mustaches. However, they are still very popular today. Whiskers in this style are a decent size and quite thick. They should not be wider than the mouth, and of course they should be pyramid-shaped. Again, they may have some variations. The lines of these whiskers may be straight or rounded. Their angles may be more or less marked, and their size may also vary. Of course, in order to maintain a beautiful. And well-groomed pyramid string, you need to maintain it regularly with English mustaches fashion scissors.

THE English mustaches fashion

THE English mustaches fashion

TOOTHBRUSH OR HITLER English mustaches fashion

This mustache condition became popular with the actor, screenwriter and composer Charlie Chaplin and quickly lost its popularity due to the dictator of Nazi Germany Hitler. Hitler’s toothbrush or mustache is quite thick and is usually an inch wide. This should be centered with the upper lip. As a general rule, this English mustaches fashion should never be wider than the nose, and its hair should never go over the upper lip. This mustache style is probably the easiest to create. It only takes a few months to develop a English mustaches fashion that has a suitable thickness, and then both ends of the mustache are shave perpendicularly using a razor. Ultimately, it should be combe daily with a mustache comb and scissors.

WALRUS English mustaches fashion STIL

Originally sported by the Celts and Gaul’s, the mustache style of the walrus experienced its greatest increase in popularity towards the end of the 19th century. Men of all levels loved this natural, messy look. We just have to remember rocker David Crosby, hockey player Lonny McDonald, US President Theodore Roosevelt or Soviet leader Josef Stalin sporting a walrus-style mustache. Today, Jamie Hyndman, host of the popular show Myth Busters, proves to be the iconic figure of walrus-style mustache. The walrus’ mustache style is very bushy and broad. It usually falls over the upper lip or can even cover the entire mouth and also extends to both sides of the corners of the mouth. Although it initially takes a long time to develop, it must eventually be maintaine with mustache shears.


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