English Mustache Fashion: What Are Your Options?

Whether you spell it ‘English Mustache Fashion’ or ‘English Mustache’. There is no doubt that it has been a mainstay of the male upper lip for a long time. If you are ready to adopt yours, you will soon learn that there are many types of whiskers to play with. And that not all whiskers are create equal. See our list of the best here and find one that perfectly complements your look.


There is no shortage of great English Mustache Fashion…

But English Mustache is a tool for self-expression. And with such a wide variety of Fashion to choose from, there are so many ways to express yourself. How to choose a English Mustache Fashion that suits your face:


Dallas English Mustache

With its cowboy twist, Dallas has long been one of the most confident men’s trimmed English Mustache Fashion. Just be sure to shampoo and trim it regularly to make sure you do not end up smelling like a cowboy too. Unlike tying a handlebar, Dallas is easy to pull – follow our five steps. And it only takes a few months before it has a beautiful effect.

English Mustache Fashion: What Are Your Options?

Ideal for: square faces. Crush the strong jaw with a strong “strike”.


Natural English Mustache

As the name suggests, this is a modest, no-nonsense English Mustache that is neither a trimmed Clark Gable number nor outrageously bushy. This is English Mustache for those who like to express their masculinity in an underrated and unpretentious way and it is one of the easiest short English Mustache Fashion to achieve.


The best for: everyone and everyone. There are no rules here. Find out here how to get a natural English Mustache.


Control English Mustaches

Another 19th-century echo beard with echoes of the Wild West, guided English Mustache is characterized by its late edges that resemble elegantly turned, turned bicycle handlebars. It is the perfect match for a pipe or a horse.


Ideal for: A beautiful square cowboy face can help you achieve this more gentlemanly English Mustache Fashion.  But Find out how to get a English Mustache controlled here.


Pencil-thin English Mustache

Few English Mustache types exude vintage sophistication and class of the pencil-thin English Mustache favored by true greats like Errol Flynn and David Niven. Just make sure to have the stylish wardrobe that fits.


Ideal for: Like natural tack, pencil-thin fits almost any face. It is also one of the best English Mustache Fashion for fine hair.


Fu Manchu English Mustaches

No kind of English Mustache screams “evil mastermind” like Fu Manchu, So his name taken from the villain (the hero?) On the British author Sax Rohmer’s series of novels. If the other English Mustache Fashion you’ve been considering just do not have enough of that ‘plot to take over the world’ vibe, take a step here for our top tips on how to create Fu Manchu.


Horseshoe English Mustache

Lack of upper-class breeding of controlled English Mustaches or the delicate leaves of Fu Manchu, the horseshoe is the least civilized “black sheep” of the English Mustache family. You may have last seen it on Hulk Hogan or another of his professional wrestling brothers, causing just as much misfortune as any other horseshoe on his head.


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