English mustache: a quick guide to styling like a professional

The English mustache is reminiscent of a kind of Dali mustache, but the curve is less dramatic. A real English-style mustache also splits in the middle, which can force people with extremely full mustaches to be trimmed.


How to style an English mustache

Combing the English men’s mustache is not that difficult and you only need a few supplies including a comb, mustache wax and beard trimmers if needed.

When you go for an English mustache, you want a long one; ideally, you want mustaches to be narrow or at least to a point. Instead of sloping up or down, this type of mustache is primarily straight, so you do not have to worry about curvature.

English mustache: a quick guide to styling like a professional

Traditionally you would shave the rest of your face. But these days’ people wear a version of this mustache along with the rest of their facial hair.

Comb mustache

The design of an English men’s inspired mustache begins as soon as your hair is long enough to manipulate. You can start training your mustache from the start so as not to strain it so much when it is fully developed. To style an English mustache, be sure to do everything listed here.

English mustaches when the hair is long enough to style

Work the hair as it grows: When the hair is long enough to style, start combing it every day. Comb the hairs down and to the sides, separating the mustache in the middle. When your hair lengthens a bit, you can start twisting and twisting the ends at one end.

Massage wax into your mustache: Once the mustache begins to take shape, you can begin massaging wax into the hairs and shaping it in the process. To prevent it from falling out, use a high-quality professional wax that can hold the hair in place. Use additional products if necessary.

Form straight points: the relatives of the mustache can curve upwards or form a loop, but with this mustache the points protrude outwards. You will twist and twist the tips of your mustache as you pull at each end until they are straight and tight.

Comb and wax regularly – To maintain the look, your mustache should be combed and waxed regularly. The goal is to train the bristles of the brush so that they grow towards the corners of the mouth.

Shampoo your facial hair: It is probably also a good idea to shampoo your facial hair now. And then to keep it well. Since your mustache will be tight and twisted, you will want to regret and wash it.

Variations of the English mustache

Everyone’s mustache is different and of course you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your facial hair. An English-style mustache can be thin and narrow, while others are bushy towards the middle and pointed at the ends.

If you want to get really crazy, you can give it a nice curl or train the tips of your mustache to point upwards so you look like Salvador Dali’s mustache.


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