Ancient History Of English Mustache

A Mustache is a sign of masculinity and masculinity. When Mahatma Gandhi took over the leadership of the freedom movement, he suggested that people grow beards, mainly to harm imports of British knives and razors. Since independence, all types of mustaches have regained their popularity and past. Today, India leads the world with the maximum percentage of men with sports beards.

As a schoolboy, I thought about growing out a fashionable mustache before getting an expression of stubble. I looked closely at the adults and found many varieties: handles, walruses, pencil mark, horseshoes, toothbrush, imperial, lampshade and more that defied description. Some looked great, and others, like Hitler’s trademark toothbrush, looked downright stupid and awful.

Ancient History Of English Mustache

Mustache History

Whiskers took their own sweet time to appear. Impatient and burning with rage, I shouted, “Come on, show up. I jumped into the bathroom and started planning carefully to grow a mustache that I wanted. I showed my classmates the growth on my lip and was in front of them a treat, but they showed no interest in the case. My happiness was short-lived as whiskers took a long time to cut them into any shape. I wish I had some fertilizer to make them grow faster and bigger. When my father bought me a razor after six months. I bought German scissors, known for their sharp edges, from my pocket money. And hid them in a drawer well out of the reach of my parents and my older brother who followed in the footsteps of my father.

Mustaches Styles

One fine day, when I had enough material to start my surgery, I closed the bathroom door, flattened the whiskers, smoothed the edges with unique care, and made a nice line at the top and bottom. Finally, I pulled out Clark Gable’s photo, compared the mustaches, and smiled happily. I was not even half the size of my hero, but my mustache almost matched his. So I had taken great care of the new whiskers and was very proud of them. I was shocked when my classmates called me façade, and girls appreciated my taste and complimented me on my efforts. My mushrooms won admiration for everyone except my older brother, who, instead of sharing my enthusiasm, paraded me in front of his friends as if I were a circus animal.



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