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English Mustaches

The English Mustaches is somewhat reminiscent of the Dali mustache, but the curvature is less dramatic. A real English-style mustache is also split down the middle, which can force those with extremely full mustaches to trim something. This mustache is also tight and narrow, so do not hesitate to cut your mustache down a bit if you need it. If you go for an English mustache, you will want length; Ideally, you want your mustache to be slim or at least get to a point. Instead of tilting up or down, this mustache style is usually straight so you don’t have to worry about curvature. Styling a mustache inspired by the English men starts as soon as your hair is long enough to manipulate. You can start training your mustache early so you don’t force it as often when it is fully grown.

Handlebar Mustaches

There is no mustache family as iconic as the so-called Handlebar mustache. The handlebar is a large family that collects a number of mustaches, each with its own unique identity. Nevertheless, they all have the common property of being large mustaches that extend beyond the lips. This can be divided into length or hair growth area. A suitable guideline for classification is that of the World Beard and Mustache Championships. While the above categories have served as the basis for this guide, the handle family has been expanded to accept more members. Therefore, it is only appropriate that it be used to denote a broad classification. A handle mustache is by definition particularly long with limbs bent upwards, as the name suggests. You may notice that both the Chevron and the Walrus miss the last part of the description.

Horseshoe Mustaches

Horseshoe is synonymous with Hulk Hogan and Hell’s Angels, and it’s the very hard mustache. Unlike some of its relatives, the horseshoe has a relatively short history. Despite being present in Wild West folklore, it had few notable mentions until a variation was noticed by Frank Zappa. That said, Zappa’s facial hair was, by choice, a close relative of Van Dyke’s mustache. It was not until Hulk Hogan became famous in the 1980s that the horseshoe became a staple of popular culture. Horseshoe is a low-maintenance, easy-to-grow mustache. However, it depends a lot on a man’s growth pattern whether one can get one. Relying on hair along the sides of the mouth, it is often worn by older men. A horseshoe is best obtained by growing a circular beard or full beard and trimming it after a few weeks to a month.

Pencil Mustaches

A pencil cord is a thin mustache found next to or just above the lip. The hairstyle is nicely cut so that the mustache takes the shape of a thin line, as if drawn with a pencil. There is a large gap between the nose and mustache. The facial hair line either breaks across the philtrum or continues unbroken. While a thick, shaggy beard is the privilege of many modern men, many of those who have the ability to grow longer facial hair choose to stick to a slightly smoother aesthetic if they care. If you’re not the type to go for a completely clean shave, going back to the classic pencil mustache can be a beard style, a beautifully groomed line on the upper lip. The pencil has all the ‘clean’ and ‘tidy’ connotations in a completely clean shaven face.

Walrus Mustaches

The walrus’ mustache is considered by whiskers that are dense, bushy and drop over the mouth. The elegance looks like stubbles of a walrus, hence the name. It is said to be an ethnic feature of the Celts and Gaul’s, and the walrus’ mustache enjoyed enormous popularity among men in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Gentlemen ranging from scientists to philosophers to politicians often preferred the rugged look that created the style. After falling out of favor in the 1920s, it experienced a temporary resurgence during the counterculture youth revolution of the 1960s. In some cases, the facial hair of the walrus cord not only falls over the mouth, but also extends downward at all angles. The hairline can wrap around the cheeks and end beard burns of the same thickness as the man they are named after, Ambrose Burnside. Many men have used walrus beards throughout history.

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